AsthmaNow NH can provide the information and resources to help you and your family deal with the disease and live healthy active lives. Children and parents can recognize symptoms and triggers, complete an Asthma Action Plan and older children can learn how to decide when to use medication and when to get additional help.

The tools and links below can help you manage asthma. Working with your children’s health care provider and creating a healthy environment in your home and working with your child’s school is important in the management of asthma.

You can help your child control their asthma by:

Learning about Asthma (resources to help you and your child understand what asthma is and how it can be managed)

Working with your child’s health professional

Asthma Medications

Helping your child have a normal childhood (resources on school, exercise)

Stay home or go to school – how to determine whether your child should attend school.

Getting support for you and your child (resources on where to find support groups)

NH Family Voices – Run by parents having children with special health care needs, multiple disabilities and mental health conditions.

New Hampshire 211

Parents section of Asthma Initiative of Michigan