Advocacy can take many forms: accessing and disseminating information, developing support networks and coalitions, promoting health and social concerns, being aware of legislation which affects public policy.

Examples of recent legislations in New Hampshire which positively affects people with asthma include:

SB 322 (enacted into law in May 2016): relative to the provision and administration of bronchodilators, spacers, and nebulizers in schools.

SB 042 (enacted into law in June 2007): Banning smoking in bars and restaurants in New Hampshire. This legislation also bans smoking at fraternal, religious and social organizations if they open their doors for a public event.

HB0057 (passed in 2003): Allowing pupils and campers with asthma to carry their inhalers.

HB0092 (passed in 2003): Allowing the use of epinephrine auto-injectors by pupils and campers with severe allergies.

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NH Advocacy Resources

You Can Participate in the NH Legislative Process. You have many opportunities to impact the New Hampshire Legislative process, including:

  • Bring your idea for change to your Legislator’s attention
  • Testify at hearings
  • Write letters or make phone calls to your representatives
  • Work with organizations to create awareness of the possible impact of a piece of legislation
  • Know the candidates’ views on issues and vote accordingly

New Hampshire’s “citizen legislature” is a great source of state pride. Representatives and Senators welcome phone calls at home since many do not have offices at the State House, and have little or no staff to help them gather information. To contact your Legislator, you may call the House Clerk’s office 603-271-2548 or the Senate Clerk’s office 603-271-3420 for more information.

Breathe New Hampshire
One effective way of making positive change in the area of lung health is advocating for public policies that support the best possible breathing environment for NH residents.  If you would like to become a member of the Breathe New Hampshire Advocacy Committee, please contact Kim Coronis.

New Hampshire Lung Association
There are plenty of ways to help the American Lung Association’s mission to save lives by preventing lung disease and promoting lung health and to keep up with all of our progress to assure healthy lungs and healthy air. Whether it is lending your voice, giving your time, joining a life-changing sporting event or sharing our story with others, your help is greatly needed and we look forward to counting you amongst our legion of partners in our fight for air.

Parent Information Center
The Mission of the Parent Information Center (PIC) is to guide and encourage families in supporting the unique learning potential of their children, including children with disabilities. The Parent Information Center is committed to the belief that: Parents make the difference, all children can succeed given the right support, every child is worth our investment, children do best when schools and families work together in partnership, as children grow they can take increasing ownership of their education and future. Over the last 30 years, PIC has trained over 600 Volunteer Advocates.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America – New England Chapter
The New England Chapter provides telephone assistance, educational support groups, speakers and health fair booths, workshops and educational materials, media assistance, advocacy, educational materials, and a Health Care Providers page for health professionals.