Schools & Child Care

There are approximately 28,000 children in New Hampshire and 2013 data shows that 10.6 percent of these children have asthma. AsthmaNow NH can provide the information and resources to help your children deal with the disease and live healthy active lives. The resources below can help you manage asthma in your children. Creating a healthy environment in your school/child care facility is important in the management of asthma. Schools and child care facilities can do their part to control asthma by becoming more “asthma-friendly,” i.e., adopting policies and procedures, and coordinating student services to better serve students with asthma.

School Nurses

Student Learning Games/Activities

  • Lungtopolis® and Lungtropolis® Parents – Help save Lungtropolis and fight the mucus mob while learning about asthma management! This proven effective online game for children 5-10, also includes a parent component to support adults as they help manage their child’s asthma.
  • Open Airways For Schools®– Interactive, in-person asthma management curriculum for children 8-11, led by a certified facilitator. In many cases, the program’s certified facilitator is a school nurse.
  • Quest for the Code Asthma Game – The Quest for the Code® asthma game, weaves education about asthma management into an engaging adventure that will have children and teens ages 7 to 15 playing for hours. The game combines asthma education with rich graphics, an engaging storyline and the talent of eleven top celebrities to help young people learn how to manage their asthma.

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