New Hampshire State Asthma Plan

New Hampshire State Asthma Plan, 2015-2020

Asthma Education Materials

Emergency Response for Physical Education and Recreation Personnel

Healthy Body, Healthy Lungs: What Salon Workers Need to Know

Infographic on Asthma’s Impact on the Nation & New Hampshire

Asthma and Cleaning Products, What Workers Need to Know
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12 Ways to a Healthy Home

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Asthma Data Resources

Issue Briefs

Asthma Prevalence among New Hampshire Workers, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2011-2012,  (November 2014)

The Impact of Environmental Tobacco Smoke on Children with Asthma  (August 2014)

Asthma and Obesity in New Hampshire Issue Brief (March 2013)

Asthma Risk Factors and Co-Morbidities in NH  (November 2010)

Asthma in New Hampshire-Work Related Asthma Data Brief  (March 2008)

Burden Reports

Asthma Burden Report Update New Hampshire 2014, March 2015

Asthma Burden Report New Hampshire 2010

Chapter 1 Asthma Prevalence and Incidence

Chapter 2 Asthma Management, Control and Quality of Life

Chapter 3 Risk Factors for Asthma and Co-Morbidities

Chapter 4 Utilization of Health Care Services

Chapter 5 Asthma and the Environment

Chapter 6 Asthma Mortality

Appendix A Description of Data Sources

Appendix B Technical Notes and Methods

Asthma in NH 1990-2004